Very proud that my little idea, supported by KAOS Arhitektid, could make its way to realization, and be a part of the celebration of this 100th anniversary.

This idea was to manifest Estonia, to make it appear, or happen, so to say.

We covered statues across the country with hand knitted hats and scarves at the colors of Estonia. It is a way to take advantage of pre-existing public monuments, while reactivating them for what they are: a part of Estonian heritage.

In this process, the idea of Estonia – that is contained in the flag colors –
overlapses its history in many different ways, according to any particular monument, as a country is not only an idea, but is rooted in men, women, and myths.

The hats and scarves have been produced by many different handycraft teams across Estonia, which we wish to thank for contributing to this realization and promoting the traditional art of handycraft.



More pictures to come…